Tiger Tiger – Human Heart

Tiger Tiger (Experimental Pop / Psychedelic Art Pop) searches for what separates and what connects. A resistance, a harmony, a break, a jump. Abstract pop with which the producer and artist behind Tiger Tiger, Cornelia Pazmandi tells of transformations, anger and symbioses. Her new EP “Leave My Body” will be released on 02 June 2023, five tracks created in collaboration with Leipzig-based producer Adam Abdelkader Lennox aka ZOUJ and drummer Philo Tsoungui. Intricate rhythms, deep synth basses, organic and electronic effects, polyphonic vocals.

To accompany the EP, Tiger Tiger releases the single “Human Heart” including a music video. The track in 70s sound, with guitar distortion and shoegaze vibes thematizes the discrepancy between knowledge and action and asks the question, with which decisions and consequences man comes from the past over the present into the future. 

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