Mavi Phoenix – Tough Baby

Tough Baby is a track that operates in an in-between world of sonic, synth-driven pop and distorted vocal effects. 
In the usual manner, Mavi’s voice is multiplied over a catchy hook, broken down into its components, reassembled, pitched to various heights. 
In an ingenious balance, he therefore combines his typical and unique elements with a new-found vigour that constitutes his music’s future.
In Tough Baby, Mavi Phoenix captures the reality of modern love stories, where miscommunication and emotional hurdles often result in heartbreak. The verses depict the battle of forcefully maintaining a tough exterior, while the choruses break through this human façade to reveal the inner child’s true sentiments of vulnerability and unhealed wounds. 
The promise of interpersonal redemption and the frustration of mistrust interchange, reflecting the emotional highs and lows that dominate toxic relationships, which are no longer an exception for recent generations. 
Mavi leaves us wondering: Are we condemned to always trying to navigate these extremes?

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