Ivery – On Fire

Ivery’s newest single „On Fire“ deals with the process of breaking up with a toxic relationship or detach from a toxic environment. The whole scene is metaphorically explained as a game or kind of a fight, like a tennis match. Although the woman is described as the smaller and weaker sex, she emerges as the winner of the match, because she can break out and is empowered to leave. The narrator has the strength to show what others may describe as a way of weakness: „I don’t care if you see my lose“ – the women doesn’t have to bear the situation and gives up without being weak at all, because she doesn’t care of what the others think. The song should empower people, who are stuck in a similar situation, to act similar and encourage them to take care of themselves. https://open.spotify.com/intl-de/track/4l8GjbIjiSGCntXNMfCOpC?si=6b569ef88d3f4bae

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