Austria’s Prince Of Summervibes Pressyes is recording & mixing almost everything by himself, but he has a big helper when it comes to grooves: ‘If my baby-daughter doesn’t enter the room to dance, the song goes straight to the trash! She KNOWS groove.’

René (Pressyes) wrote MOVING ON as an ode to getting older, seeing time just flow by, and as a reminder to just move along with the world that’s spinning like a hamster wheel these days.

‘At least we can pretend that we’re on top of it from time to time, huh?’

The upbeat new single features a wild Okarina flute played by René’s daughter – and a superfunky 70ies bassline played by his partner Marlene Lacherstorfer. A family affair.

Analog instruments played by real hands. Filer under: sonic bliss.

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