Glam – The Color, The Dark

Driving beats, multiplied Pop-Vocals and electro-experimental sound art: 

„The Color, The Dark“ is GLAM’s debut-album on teacup records.

The opening track “Bookshelf” leads with hard strumming patterns and shows tender vulnerability in the lyrics: “all the cries, archived in no bookshelf” sings Amesbauer. The Color, The Dark” is as fluid as Glam: the track “I Clean Up My Place” seems like an EDM party track, “The Valve” uses metal riffs, with a “Wuthering Height” cover Glam bows to icon Kate Bush and on “Still” and “Embryo” the trio of wind players (Christine Gnigler, Viktoria Hofmarcher and Katharina Zeller) completes the epic drama-pop opera.

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