Exploding Pig – Questloves Yoga Class

Exploding Pig is an emerging eclectic band originating from Austria. Comprised of a talented group of friends with rich musical backgrounds, they’re  set to make waves with their versatile sound and style, often described as Jazz meets 70’s porn. 

As a result of quarantine and lockdowns, Exploding Pig came into existence. Influenced by American pop culture and the band mascot Ebɛr, Exploding Pig radiate a feel-good, genre-defying sound. The talented band aims to push the envelope with their sound Blending jazz, hip-hop, psychedelic lounge elements, and lo-fi beats.

The Austrian-based band is eager to return to the stage and continue exploiting  the sounds that make them ever distinctive.

The first single from their upcoming album is “Questloves Yoga Class“.

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