CADÛ – Psychotic Parade

CADÛ is a heavy trip rock formation from Vienna.

Dynamic rhythms, hard riffs and sensual screams, combined with improvised jams, where the full force of the synthetic energy flows and collapses like a wave of indefinable emotions. Breaking norms, that’s the magic of CADÛ!

Between deep progressive sounds to spherical psychedelic worlds, CADÛ use different instruments and vocal techniques to create a variety of soundscapes, expanding the classic rock formation of electric guitar, electric bass, drums and vocals with various rhythm, wind, keyboard and electronic instruments.

Back on national and international stages, CADÛ present a driving and trippy live show where the pure and raw borderline experience becomes audible. 

A charged ecstatic experience where the uncompromising artistic expression promises a dance and headbang factor.

Psychotic Parade is the new single taken from their freshly released album.

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